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  • 集成投光灯富贵鱼堵头款-每组50W

  • 单颗投光灯蝙蝠王堵头款-每组30W

  • 集成型材路灯富贵鱼-每组50Wx2

  • 集成型材路灯蝙蝠王-每组50W

  • 单颗型材路灯路易之光-每组30W

  • 单颗型材路灯变形金刚-每组30W

  • 单颗型材路灯富贵鱼-每组30W

  • 单颗型材路灯蝙蝠王-每组30W

  • 集成压铸路灯外壳集成宝剑系列150W

  • 集成压铸路灯外壳集成宝剑款100W

  • 集成压铸路灯外壳集成宝剑款50W/80W

  • 单颗压铸路灯外壳单颗宝剑系列100W

  • 单颗压铸路灯外壳单颗宝剑款20W和30W

  • 集成投光灯小精灵大苹果透镜款-每组50W

  • 集成投光灯小精灵78透镜款-每组50W

  • 集成投光灯富贵鱼堵头款-每组50Wx2

  • 集成投光灯蝙蝠王堵头款-每组50Wx2

  • 集成投光灯蝙蝠王堵头款-每组50W

  • 单颗投光灯小精灵堵头款-每组50W

  • 单颗投光灯小精灵堵头款-每组30W


Located in the ancient town of Zhongshan, China's lighting capital, platinum lighting is established in March 25, 2013. It is a lighting supporting service enterprise specializing in R & D and production of LED outdoor lamp housing. At present, the products mainly include: LED module, street lamp shell, LED module, tunnel lamp housing, LED module, projection lamp shell and other products.

Since the establishment of the company, platinum has maintained a hard Thai, innovation ahead of the entrepreneurial spirit; relying on the development and resource advantage has introduced a large number of advanced production equipment and technology, pay attention to the construction of enterprise personnel training and team, now has a ...【more】

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